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Wine Country Weddings

Napa Valley, CA – August 17, 2016 – Just like the coming together of families, wedding days in wine country are comprised of visionaries and professionals coming together to create the perfect ceremony and reception. It is a unique chance to design the event of a lifetime. Family and friends are invited to celebrate the […]

Stone Fruit Season is the Best Season

Napa Valley, CA – July 8, 2016 – Oak Avenue Catering’s chefs, service staff and sales team are thrilled to announce that stone fruit season is in full swing. Peaches, pluots, cherries, plums, apricots, and nectarines are ripe and ready to adorn every course. The time to enjoy the finest the fruit kingdom has to […]

Napa Valley Corporate Event Caterers, Oak Avenue Catering, Thinks Locally

Napa Valley -based corporate and social event catering company, Oak Avenue Catering, considers their hometown of St. Helena, and the surrounding Napa and Sonoma valleys, a global address for agritourism, oenology, and world-class hospitality. To further the allure and romance of their community, Oak Avenue Catering dedicates their support to a network of local organizations, […]

Team at Napa Valley Farm to Table Food Advocates, Oak Avenue Catering, Highlights the Inspirational Professionals They Want to Meet

Napa Valley -based farm to table food advocates, Oak Avenue Catering, has embarked on a campaign highlighting their culinary and hospitality inspirations. While paying admiration to the creative trailblazers in the culinary arts, the campaign is designed to bring attention to those making extraordinary contributions to the progression of food and hospitality.

Oak Avenue Catering Striving to be the Best Catering Service in the Napa Valley

Napa Valley, CA-based catering company, Oak Avenue Catering, has a long history and culture of striving to be the best catering service in Napa Valley. While only recently established in 2009 by Shannon and Christina Kelly, Oak Avenue Catering’s roots run much deeper. Over 40 years ago, Tony Knickerbocker founded one of Napa Valley’s first […]

More Than a Garnish

Deep in your cabinets, lost and forgotten behind the garlic powder, dried marjoram, and bay leaves, there likely sits in wait an unappreciated and underutilized spice. Vibrantly colored in shades ranging from Valencia orange to sunset red, and bursting with flavors of bell pepper and smoky oak, paprika is so much more than a garnish […]

Japanese Beef in American Pastures

Japanese beef has long been heralded for the most prestigious and delicious cuts of beef in the world. Until a few years ago, the cost of authentic Kobe, Matsuzaka, Omi, and Akaushi beef was so prohibitive, and the restrictions on trade were so stringent, few Americans have ever tasted anything except “Kobe-style” beef – a […]