Napa Valley, CA-based catering company, Oak Avenue Catering, has a long history and culture of striving to be the best catering service in Napa Valley. While only recently established in 2009 by Shannon and Christina Kelly, Oak Avenue Catering’s roots run much deeper. Over 40 years ago, Tony Knickerbocker founded one of Napa Valley’s first catering companies – Knickerbockers’ Catering. In the mid-1980s Shannon Kelly joined Tony Knickerbocker as Chef de Cuisine. Together they set the goal of preparing local and seasonal ingredients that showcased the best of their viticultural surroundings. After three decades of success, Tony retired and the company was passed to his long-time chefs and dear friends, Shannon and Christina Kelly.

Oak Avenue Catering embraces a culture of breaking lusterless catering stigmas. Their aim is to consistently bring a harmonious balance to the age-old pairing of food and wine. Oak Avenue Catering is inspired by Napa Valley’s best wines. In every pairing there exists a nuance of the wine, meant to be highlighted, not masked. Like a melody, it takes the right arrangement, and Oak Avenue Catering is always striving to be the best in making magnificent dishes that seamlessly flow with the grace of Napa Valley wines.

Oak Avenue Catering’s team of designers, servers, and chefs shares decades of experience in the culinary arts and hospitality services. A leading element of their service is their ability to collaborate, create, and imagine with their clients. Keeping their fingers on the pulse of the latest food trends, exploring the diversity of ethnic influences, and imagining experiential services that leave lasting impressions are how the Oak Avenue Catering team strives to provide the best culinary experiences in the Napa Valley.

As a result of their collaborative and courteous customer service and their commitment to providing guests a level of service on par with the leading wine country restaurants, Oak Avenue Catering is proud of their reputation for the best customer service in Napa Valley. The family-owned company’s entire team takes great pride in providing an exceptional experience.

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