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a modern approach

Wine Country is most notably defined by wine, but it is also characterized by feats of architecture, renowned art collections, and incredibly innovative methods of production. Venues representing this modern approach are no less alluring than their traditional counterparts. They offer their own unique style and advantages for you to incorporate into your event.

If you are seeking a venue with modern elegance and a youthful spirit or perhaps a venue capable of accommodating your ever-growing guest count, Oak Avenue Catering will collaborate with you to select the very best venues in the valleys.




barrels & caves

No trip to Wine Country would be complete without running your fingers over the top of aging wine barrels or breathing the cool, humid air of a cave. It’s the crème de la crème of wine experiences. There is an air of elegance being surrounded by barrels of French oak, and dining in that air is unlike anything else.

Oak Avenue catering is poised to refer you to only the most magnificent of Napa and Sonoma Valleys’ wine caves and barrel chais. If your event is in need of luxury, refinement, and a sense of nobility, we have just the right venues in mind.




enveloped by vineyards

Imagine rolling hills shaded by majestic oaks and valleys washed in rustling seas of green. Envision dining amongst the origins of the wine. The tranquil isolation of a vineyard setting is unlike any other.

Oak Avenue Catering is privy to all of the hidden gems of Napa and Sonoma Valleys. In the last 40-plus years we have had the opportunity to partner with some of the most breathtaking and quiescent venues around. If you are seeking the tranquility and beauty of being enveloped by vineyards, please call us for recommendations.




hands of history

The history of wine country stretches over decades and oceans. Hand built stone buildings, French-inspired Châteaus, century old caves and brandy houses, and Italian-themed castles scatter the hills and valleys. There is no shortage of fantastical places that will transport you to another time and another place.

For decades, we have produced events that leave guests in awe. We have partnered with countless venues that have that little something extra. If the event you imagine is in need of an unimaginable setting to complement your theme, Oak Avenue Catering has more than one recommendation for you.