taste & see

you can feel the seasons change, so why not taste the seasons change too

Oak Avenue Catering is centered in a culinary dreamland of ingredients and inspiration. We are surrounded by agricultural plenitude. Our menus are enlivened by our locality, and a heartfelt ‘thank you’ goes out to our local farmers and anglers who make our work enjoyable.

The wine valleys of Northern California are special places. There are breathtaking views over valley floors; there are skillfully pieced art installations; and, there are luxurious escapes from the paces of life. But at the heart of it, we are here to celebrate the tradition, passion, hard work, and patience that goes in to every bottle of wine. For that reason our menus are written with this in mind. Oak Avenue Catering aims to craft dishes expressed as an ode to the wines of our valleys. It is our charge to employ virtuous ingredients, striking presentations, and indulgent flavors to accentuate the elegantly layered subtleties within every glass. And, it is our pleasure to share in this experience with you.


3, 4, 5 or more courses

When a touch of formality and an evolving culinary experience suits your occasion, then our coursed menus are the path to follow. Each course is a focus on the balance and unity of ingredients, and each serve as a complement to the course prior. Our menus are written for your convenience of choice, but they dually serve as a framework for your desired experience. Should you like to leisurely savor 5 courses, experience tailored food and wine pairings, or perhaps relish in a more adventurous meal, it will be our pleasure to collaborate and craft a menu to suit your occasion. Treat yourself and indulge in the wide-reaching flavors of Napa Valley.


make it family style

Sometimes an occasion calls for a more familial setting. If a sense of intimacy and fortuity is the experience best suited for your celebration, then we invite you to pour over our family style menus. Our focus on creating an array and variety of complementary dishes inspires an ambience suited for a feast. If creative presentation and elegant plating are a concern, do not fret. Our chefs are as discerning to the presentation of a platter as they are to a plate. A family style meal is exactly that – remarkable fare, pleasant service, and the pleasure of company.

Beautifully composed dishes will be presented to your guests and passed hand to hand. More cumbersome platters will be served directly to your guests by our gracious staff. While the dining experience is more casual in nature, we pride ourselves on providing an elegant and attentive service. Your guests will never be "stuck" with an empty platter or bowl with no place on the table to put it.


all layed out

We know...buffets get a bad rap. We have all experienced the inglorious feeling of being paraded past fingerprint-riddled chafing dishes, auto-pilot servers, and unappetizing preparations of mediocre dishes. But, what if it wasn’t like that? Imagine if you weren’t herded like cattle, and imagine creative dishes served by friendly and informed staff serving freshly prepared platters flowing out of the kitchen. Something like that might make us a little less prejudice of the word ‘buffet’. Instead of settling for a buffet, peruse our menus and imagine a smörgåsbord.


eat and be social

Sometimes you want to make the ‘mingling hour’ the ‘main event’. You want to gather friends and acquaintances together to celebrate in the moment. You pick the perfect mix of background and dancing music. Decorations are assembled to inspire the theme. Wines and cocktails are chosen and in ready supply. Now it’s time to select the hors d’oeuvres that bring it all together.

Hors d'oeuvres, quite literally, mean outside the main design of the meal. We take it one step further and aim to create elegant bites that are outside the main design of an appetizer. Our hors d’oeuvres strike the eyes, delight the palate, and tantalize the appetite. We create menus that enhance the theme and align with the drinks. We draw our inspiration from the seasons and aspire to showcase flavors in the most micro of dishes.


wood fires make great pizzas

Twenty-five hundred years ago the Roman Empire transformed the way we think about science, art, politics, culture, and sport. They also put us on a path of culinary wonderment. Wood-fired ovens have been a culinary staple since the dawn of civilization. Though discovered in the excavations of virtually every ancient civilization, the brick oven reached its modern form in ancient Rome. Roman shops with granite countertops, al fresco salads, and beverage bars accompanying thin-crust pizzas resembled our modern pizzerias. While the world has distinctly evolved, there are still recognizable links to humanity’s culinary past.

Oak Avenue Catering is the proud owner of two Italian-made Mugnaini wood-fired ovens. Harnessing temperatures of 800+ degrees, our open-chamber pizza ovens are capable of baking perfectly crisp pizzas in less than two minutes. Our chefs gently pull homemade dough, sauce and top the skins, and serve pizzas that will take your senses back to the dawn of modern civilization.


stations for the masses

From time to time an event comes along that evolves into more than just an event. It becomes a festivity. You want to roam freely between bountiful food stations, the dance floor, field games, barrel tastings, and photo booths; you want to witness a demonstration of mozzarella making while taking first place in a grape stomp; you want to taste a spit-roasted pig while sipping future wines from their barrels; you want a little bit of it all, and we get that. When you want an informal and festive dining experience, stations are the most creative way to accomplish that goal. Oak Avenue Catering has created stations that are cornucopian, experiential, and even educational. So start planning your next bazaar and let us help you craft the fare.


for delivery and pick-up

The phrase al fresco is borrowed from Italian for "in the open air". The term frequently refers to the casual dining experienced under the light of a warm spring’s moon or in the shade casted on a summer afternoon. The atmosphere should be carefree, the company should be jovial, and the food should be gratifyingly blithe.

Oak Avenue Catering has created just such menus with this dining experience in mind. They encompass finger food receptions, office lunches, patio dinners, and leisurely picnics. We offer the convenience of delivery with the elegance of catering. When the al fresco mood suits your event rest assured we will create a menu to match.