Napa Valley -based farm to table food advocates, Oak Avenue Catering, has embarked on a campaign highlighting their culinary and hospitality inspirations. While paying admiration to the creative trailblazers in the culinary arts, the campaign is designed to bring attention to those making extraordinary contributions to the progression of food and hospitality.

The list of notable professionals naturally focuses on some of the west coast’s most influential chefs and pâtissiers. Oak Avenue Catering highlights such chefs as San Francisco’s Atelier Crenn’s founder and Executive Chef Dominique Crenn. The first female chef in America to be awarded 2 Michelin stars and the driving force behind “A Moveable Feast” – a series of dinners pairing prominent chefs with the produce of local farms – Chef Dominique Crenn is a culinary poet. Berkeley, California’s Chef Alice Waters, the pioneer of California cuisine and owner of Chez Panisse, also finds her name on the list. Her standard for locally-grown, organic ingredients and school lunch reform activism makes her an icon amongst farm to table food advocates. The Oak Avenue Catering team also has a special place in its heart for Boulanger Chad Robertson, founder of San Francisco’s Tartine Bakery. Chad Robertson is an experimental baker using unconventional methods and ingredients to bring life to ancient grains. His passion and creativity are contagious.

The team at Oak Avenue Catering is also enamored with the contributions of event planners and the lesser known contributors to their industry. The avant-garde styling of master event planner Preston Bailey makes him a source of inspiration and intrigue. He is a floral couturier, creating theatrical environments out of ordinary spaces. As an advocate of the benefits of farm to table living, the Napa Valley-based catering company has showcased local mycologist and expert mycophagist David Campbell. David has collected, studied, taught and written about wild mushrooms for over 40 years. His contributions to the Mycological Society of San Francisco (MSSF) and the Sonoma Mycological Association (SOMA) have inspired countless individuals to discover the bounty of our forests. David’s wealth of knowledge makes him an obvious choice for Oak Avenue Catering’s list of inspirational professionals they want to meet.

From the catering designers to the event chefs, the entire Oak Avenue Catering team is committed to supporting a network of culinary professionals throughout the Napa Valley and San Francisco bay area. The goal of the campaign is to foster a community of aspiring chefs, connoisseurs, event planners, and notorious professionals in the industries of remarkable food and creative service. Oak Avenue Catering is giving center stage to their idols with the hope that their accomplishments will inspire others.

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